Smith’s Prosthetic System

Contact: Gordon Smith

Address: 27 Verbena Avenue, Toronto, Canada. M6S 1J9
Phone: 416-763-3911
Web site:


Polytek Development Corporation.
Address: 55 hilton Street, Easton, PA, USA, 18042.
Phone: 610-559-8620
Web site; www.

Gord’s Notes:

Smith’s Prosthetic Deadener is an additive designed to work in concert with Platsil Gel-10
(or any platinum silicone) to create a complete theatrical prosthetic design system for the
motion picture industry.

The result of 25 years of research and development, to achieve greater creative freedom
and control over the many physical and visual qualities apparent in living tissue, while
at the same time creating a safe working environment.

Smith’s Prosthetic Deadener added to any platinum cure silicone liquid rubber lowers it’s
shore while, at the same time, eliminating the synthetic movement qualities inherent in all rubbers.

It is a chemically stable prosthetic gel system designed specifically to simulate the qualities of
softness and movement inherent in living tissue.

It is safe to use for both artist and the actor /patient creating a safe working environment on
or off the set.

Neither liquid or cured silicones will shrink or decay over time.

Add, by weight, as much as 250% Smith’s Prosthetic Deadener to mixed Platsil Gel-10
to create any softness of prosthetic gel you need.

Over 30% Smith’s Prosthetic Deadener will result in a not paintable sticky cured gel.
The stick can be eliminated with powder or by a paintable barrier coat of Platsil Gel-10.

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