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Xuzhou nanpu mechanical and electrical technology co. LTD

Founded in 2010, xuzhou nanpu mechanical and electrical technology co., ltd. is located in the hometown of hangao -- fengxian county, xuzhou city, jiangsu province. It is a high and new technology and service modeling enterprise specialized in the research and development, production and sales of electric motor, rear bridge and box, and is specialized in prov…

Specializing in electric motor development and manufacturing

The company has 500 employees, including 15 engineers, 25 professional technicians and 15 senior managers.

Win-win cooperation

Nanpu's partners include well-known domestic enterprises such as huaihai, zongshen, longxin, da 'an, danyang, jinpeng, qiaoban, Everest, haibao, construction, luyuan, penknife, pepsili and harvest, and exports to India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Thailand, Korea and other countries.

Quality guarantee

Through ISO9001 quality management system and national 3C certification, the company adheres to the quality concept of "quality is the source and quality is the responsibility". Quality is the foundation of enterprise existence value and the source of all work.

Development innovation

In terms of guaranteeing product quality and quality, and closely following up market demand, nanpu resolutely adheres to high-end first-line quality, carries out raw materials and product upgrading for many times, and benefits and wins with customers and employees. Although the enterprise is young, but walks in the market front all the time.

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Adhering to the business philosophy of win-win cooperation, we take customer satisfaction as our goal
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