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Yau has some industry sales experience, familiar with the local market and rich interpersonal resources

A certain economic entity and investment strength, a good reputation.

Dedicated to nanpu mechanical and electrical products sales enthusiasm, dedicated, dedicated.

I understand and trust nanpu enterprise, in the business philosophy and development ideas can reach consensus.

To have a correct understanding of the risks and benefits of investment and fully prepared in mind

Joining process

1. Apply by phone or email.

2. Fill in the procedures of the franchisee application form: after the initial telephone communication, relevant personnel from the Marketing Department of the company will come to visit with the franchisee application form and related materials.

3. Market research: according to the franchisee's application materials, the company will review the local market maturity, competition, consumption, and other conditions, as well as the operation mode and capital of the franchisee.

4. Sign the franchisee contract: the company shall conduct the review according to the market research report. Upon the approval of the review, both parties shall agree on the time to invite the franchisee to carry relevant materials to the company for the formal signing of the franchise contract.

5. Franchise guarantee: pay to the company the right to use the brand locally, which is one-off; Pay earnest money, specific charge sees franchisee condition.

6. Prepare the preparation plan for the franchising: handle the business license, recruit and train personnel, design the store decoration scheme, plan the opening of the store image publicity, and arrange the product field.

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