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Busy season makes profit, how to do without it help
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The traditional peak season for the electric car industry has arrived, whether the entire vehicle, supporting enterprises, or dealers, are ready to play in the peak season, making profits. Especially whole car and form a complete set enterprise, regard busy season as the crucial moment that sprint whole year sales.

As the saying goes, if you want to do good, you must first use your tools. Only products with core competitiveness can help enterprises and merchants earn rich profits in the peak season, and the choice of complete vehicle manufacturers is crucial.


Committed to the development and manufacturing of electric tricycle motor, nanpu electric motor has quickly become an outstanding brand in the electric motor industry of the three industries by virtue of its powerful research and development technology and advanced hardware equipment.

Relying on excellent products to become a number of mainstream brands of electric tricycle suppliers, in the arrival of the peak season, nanpu has also made every effort to export quality products for the cooperative enterprises, to ensure the profit of the cooperative products in the peak season.


Nanpu excels in product development and takes the lead in introducing sine technology into electric tricycle industry. Nanpu sine-wave motor can effectively avoid the influence of high temperature and magnetic field on hall and magnetic steel.

At the same time, it has the advantages of high power, low noise and strong climbing ability, providing the electric tricycle with high-quality driving performance and stable carrying capacity, and providing more cost-effective hot selling products for the peak season.

In addition to the very benchmarking sine wave motor, nanpu motor rear bridge is also unique technology. One full floating rear axle and one and a half suspension rear axle, the first car after welding process, the whole bridge pipe welding, at the same time with the lathe (plane) processing on both ends of the bearing chamber and the middle bridge package height, diameter, to achieve a clamping and processing at the same time, reduce the positioning error of workpiece, ensure driving axle concentricity control within 15 silk, mature technology. The rear axle of the integrated disc brake motor, the stability of disc brake pump is strengthened and the tightness of disc brake clamp is moderate.


Also has the extremely technical content to south pu disc brake rear bridge, USES the motor mainly by the silicosteel, the enamelled wire, the magnetic steel, the disc kill piece, the bridge package and so on composition, is suitable for the miniature cargo carrier and the miniature three wheel seal car, is by the wheel connects the brake disc and the disc edge brake clamp composition. When the brake is applied, the brake block is pressed against the brake disc to produce braking effect.

Disc brakes are sometimes called disc brakes. They are either ordinary disc brakes or ventilated disc brakes. The ventilated disc brake is to drill many circular vents on the disc surface, or cut vents or prefabricated rectangular vents on the end of the disc. Ventilated disc brake USES air currents, and its cooling and heating effect is better than ordinary disc brake.


The main advantage of disc brake is that it can brake quickly at high speed. Using a metal block (disc) instead of a drum wheel, there is a flat brake shoe on both sides of the disc. When the oil pressure from the brake master pump is applied to the cylinder, the brake shoe is clamped to the disc to achieve the brake tightening effect.

At present, nanpu disc brake rear axle has developed from low-power model to high-power model, basically forming an all-around disc brake rear axle braking system in the aspects of integral, separate, large car and small car.


Nanpu electromechanical co., LTD sticks to the integration of r&d and manufacturing. Since 2014, it has been constantly developing and innovating, developing several new types of motor such as sinusoidal wave motor, switching magnetoresistive motor, ac frequency converter motor and automatic shift motor.

In particular, the foregoing introduction of sinusoidal motor has initiated the reform of a new control mode in the field of electric tridynamics, and the sinusoidal control program motor will certainly lead the trend of The Times.


With enough excellent products, nanpu is developing rapidly and continuously expanding overseas markets. On the Canton fair at the end of last year, the south's pay close attention to by foreign customers, to produce high quality electric motor and driving axle drive equipment as the core of brand image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, even more unique technical strength and manufacturing capabilities, to help the south's continued to create awareness of Chinese and foreign markets, won the high recognition of partners at home and abroad, the expansion of overseas market for the south's motor has a very important and far-reaching significance, has laid a solid foundation for the height of the brand take-off.

Sticking to the product-oriented principle, nanpu keeps innovating and making breakthroughs for the breakthroughs in the technology and quality of electrical products. Through excellent technical products, we have received good reputation from our partners and the market and achieved remarkable achievements. The strength south pu, dares the human first, USES the most outstanding product and the service, applauds for the busy season assists.

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