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Transforming Chinese electric vehicles
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Chinese electric vehicles in attack

The 117th China import and export fair (Canton fair) was held at the exhibition hall of guangzhou import and export fair on April 15, 2015. This comprehensive international trade fair has a history of 58 years. It is the largest comprehensive trade fair in China with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most complete commodity category, the largest number of merchants and the highest transaction amount. At the Canton fair, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the willingness and attempts of electric vehicle enterprises to export are increasing, which is undoubtedly an excellent signal for the electric vehicle industry which has been Mired in sluggish growth since 2014.

China's e-bike industry has developed to a gradually saturated state. Overcapacity and oversupply will be the normal state of the e-bike industry in the future. As of today, there are more than 150 million electric vehicles on the road in China, and about 80 percent of domestic electric vehicles are sold in China. This shows that the development of foreign markets has great potential and necessity, and it is one of the main strategic goals for the development of enterprises in the future. Now, in the numerous manufacturers in the country, has been gradually unable to continue the situation, the industry has emerged out of the market for development. Among the remaining manufacturers that are still struggling, some of them have resorted to the hand-to-hand mode of low-price and vicious competition, which is tantamount to drinking poison to quench thirst. This is extremely unfavorable to the overall development of the e-bike industry. Then, how to break this dilemma and regain the living space? According to the theory of marginal industry transfer, a part of excess capacity is directed to the foreign emerging markets, which is the first to understand these emerging markets, and then to expand the market share, which lays the foundation for the future development of China's electric vehicle industry towards internationalization.

At present, China has become the world's largest electric bicycle market, and the quality and environmental performance of export products are a major bottleneck restricting the export of electric bicycles. As a new type of green and environment-friendly transportation tool, e-bike is also praised by many western countries for its safety, energy saving and convenience. Developed countries in Europe and the United States now choose "e-bike" travel has become a popular trend. While China is a major producer of "e-bikes", more and more manufacturers should and must actively explore foreign markets to win new development space while striving to develop the domestic market.

Digital China electric vehicle industry

In response to global environmental degradation, traffic congestion and other problems, many countries in the world, especially China, have begun to promote energy-saving and environment-friendly transportation tools. As a result, electric bicycles have emerged. It is expected that electric vehicles will play an increasingly important role in the global transportation system in the future.

China's e-bike industry experienced rapid growth from scratch to existence. After rapid popularization, it maintained a growth rate of 10% to 20% in the three years from 2010 to 2013. According to the statistics of trade association, there are about 200 million electric bicycles in China at present. According to the statistics of high-technology lithium battery, in 2014, the sales volume of electric bicycles in China was about 30 million, and the after-sales market of parts exceeded 100 billion yuan, accounting for about 90% of the global market. China has truly become the world's largest electric bicycle production and sales country.

In 2016, the electric vehicle industry has shown signs of production and marketing imbalance. Although some enterprises have received government support, the reality that the electric bicycle industry is in excess capacity cannot be avoided, and the industry reshuffle has begun. At present, there are numerous electric bicycle manufacturers in China, among which there are about 30 electric bicycle manufacturers with annual sales exceeding 300,000, about 50 electric bicycle manufacturers with annual sales exceeding 200,000 to 300,000, and about 1,500 electric bicycle manufacturers with annual sales below 200,000. The market has not formed a national leading, only some local leading enterprises, industrial regionalization is obvious. The electric bicycle industry has entered the era of adjustment and development after its infancy, initial development period and rapid growth period. With the expansion of production capacity and intensifying market competition, the speed of industrial integration and reshuffle will increase, which is the inevitable painful period before industrial transformation and upgrading.

Before 2014, China's e-bike industry had been developing rapidly in recent years. By 2013, the number of electric vehicle manufacturers in China has reached 2,000, and the number of related parts manufacturers has exceeded 3,000, with more than 500,000 employees. The number of provinces developing, developing and producing electric vehicles has reached 15. There are thousands of brands competing in today's electric car market, causing profits across the industry to decline. In order to survive and develop, Chinese electric vehicle enterprises must go abroad. Many advanced electric vehicle manufacturers have begun to work in this field, mainly exporting to developed countries with high environmental requirements, such as Europe, the United States, Canada and Japan, and the export volume is soaring. It has laid a good foundation for more electric vehicle enterprises to go abroad.

See the Canton fair electric car export trends

The current foreign trade situation is complex, known as "China's foreign trade barometer" Canton fair is particularly important for foreign trade enterprises. Judging from the operation of the first phase of the 117th Canton fair, foreign trade enterprises actively seek business opportunities at the fair, seize the opportunities brought by "One Belt And One Road", strengthen brand construction, take the road of green innovation development, consolidate the traditional advantages of foreign trade, and actively cultivate new competitive advantages. It is also of great significance for the electric vehicle industry to go abroad.

Seize new strategic opportunities

At a time when the country is advancing the implementation of the "One Belt And One Road" strategy to promote win-win cooperation and common development of countries along the belt and road, participating enterprises are seizing new strategic opportunities, striving to expand the market of countries along the "One Belt And One Road" line and taking the initiative to go out. Ningxia fuwei machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Has stepped up the development of the market of countries along the belt and road, and plans to open up new markets by participating in various exhibitions of countries along the belt and road. Lianyun hong kong-macau Richter trading co., LTD., through active business links, strives to move up and strengthen cooperation with asean, central Asia and other countries and regions. According to statistics, transactions in countries along "One Belt And One Road" have increased rapidly, which has become a new highlight of transactions. In addition, participating enterprises actively participate in the 117th Canton fair (India) international market BBS, understand India's business environment, trade risks and so on, and do a good market development planning.

Brand building promotes development

From the first phase, we can see that the business model of foreign trade in the past is changing quietly. More and more exhibitors are changing from the original OEM to the independent brand, and promoting the development of enterprises by building their own brands. Qingdao sanchainlock industry co., LTD has put brand construction in the first place since its establishment. It has been a typical enterprise in the promotion of independent brands in Canton fair by strictly focusing on product quality, strengthening brand publicity and constantly improving corporate image. Shanghai yipin pigment aims at the international ferric oxide market segment, adopts the industry recognized German DIN technical standard and American ast.m technical standard, follows the ISO9001 quality management system, and promotes the brand development with high-quality products. There were 12 electromechanical export enterprises whose turnover exceeded 100 million us dollars in the first five days, 4 more than the 8 enterprises in the 116th Canton fair. The total turnover of 12 companies was $4.06 billion.

Green innovation has paid off

The products of intelligent environmental protection and innovative design are favored by buyers and the transaction is in good condition. The air energy heat pump central hot water unit exhibited by guangzhou Theodore cold and heat equipment co., LTD adopts the world's advanced, safe, environmental-friendly and efficient heating technology, which is driven by a small amount of electric energy to continuously absorb the heat energy in the air to meet the user's hot water supply and heating demand. Three days before the first phase, the product sold for $350,000. The photovoltaic tiles of zhongnan optoelectronics co., LTD., in hefei, realized the integration of photovoltaic power generation technology and traditional building tiles. It not only has a long life, high strength and environmental protection and energy conservation, but received an order of 2 million us dollars in three days.

At the Canton fair, we are pleased to see that China's foreign trade enterprises have actively adapted to the new normal of foreign trade, and have the courage to innovate and forge ahead. Some electric car companies have also been eager to play a big role in developing new markets.

Electric vehicle industry go out of the capital

After more than 10 years of development, Chinese electric vehicle enterprises have been equipped with excellent quality to go abroad. In recent years, more than 90% of the world's electric vehicles are produced in China. Specifically, the advantages of China's electric vehicle enterprises are mainly reflected in:

I. China's bicycle industry is highly competitive and has a stable position in the international market. Its products have a considerable reputation, which lays a good foundation for the export of electric vehicles.

2. China's e-bike occupies the world's leading industry in the application of torque sensor technology and integrated circuit controller technology, and can adapt to different technical requirements of different countries.

Third, China has established a strong production base of electric vehicle components and more than 2,000 complete vehicle enterprises, which can meet the needs of the world.

While foreign labor costs have been rising, China's labor costs have fallen steadily in recent years and are highly competitive in the international market.

In the past decades, China has established a relatively complete international marketing network in the process of exporting bicycles, providing superior conditions for the export of electric vehicles.

On the other hand, the implementation of global green environmental protection concept has created favorable conditions for Chinese electric vehicles to go abroad. A growing number of wise people realize that cars are not the only and best means of transportation. In the 21st century, many governments of the world have appropriately restricted the cars and motorcycles. Japan, the United States, France and other countries have passed laws to clarify the status of electric vehicles as a special kind of bicycle to encourage people to actively use them.

The whole army took aim at the blue sea

Compared with previous years, China's export of electric vehicles has made great progress, but it mainly exports to economically developed countries. For developing countries similar to China's national conditions, such as India, Brazil, Peru, Mexico and Egypt, China's electric vehicle enterprises are less involved.

We believe that these countries have huge market potential. If we make efforts to develop these markets, it will be the largest overseas market and the most ideal overseas market for Chinese electric vehicle enterprises in the future. There are four reasons: first, these countries have not achieved much economic growth, but have developed rapidly, and they mainly use bicycles and motorcycles for transportation. Second, with a large population and huge consumption potential, people in these countries buy electric vehicles mainly for the purpose of replacing bicycles and motorcycles as a means of transportation, rather than for leisure and fitness in European and American countries. Thirdly, these countries have less stringent requirements on electric vehicles, both in terms of product technology and quality, which can effectively reduce production costs. Fourth, these countries are facing the same problems as China. Energy crisis and oil shortage restrict economic development. Energy conservation will become an important goal of the government, while electric vehicles are increasingly supported by the government for energy conservation and environmental protection.

India market analysis in South Asia

In 2012, India's GDP reached 1816.185 billion usd, ranking the 10th in the world with a per capita GDP of 1485 usd. With a population of 1.12 billion, India is the world's second most populous country. At the same time, India is also a big economy. Since 1991 when the rao government officially started economic reform, its average annual GDP growth rate has reached 6.5%. In recent years, the economy has been developing rapidly, and the GDP has maintained rapid growth.

Despite the rapid economic development in recent years, bicycles and motorcycles are the main means of transportation in India due to its large population and underdeveloped transportation. With the further development of India's economy and the government's increasing attention to environmental protection, the Indian market will inevitably generate a huge demand for electric vehicles, and the economical, convenient and environmentally friendly electric bicycle will inevitably replace bicycles and motorcycles as the first choice of transportation tool for indians. India's e-bike industry has been slow to develop. The first e-bike was introduced in July 2001. At the same time, the Indian government has no restrictions on the import of Chinese electric bicycles. For example, the price of a 36-volt neutral electric vehicle is $240 for export, plus a 12% export tax rebate, and the combined profit can be as high as 27%. However, the average profit margin of China's domestic electric vehicle market is less than 5%. If China's electric vehicle enterprises can seize the opportunity to enter the Indian market at the fastest speed, it is bound to enter a "blue sea" area that can create profit myth.

Southeast Asia region Philippines, Indonesia market analysis

The region has long been home to small motorbikes, scooters and tricycles, all of which will revolutionise the use of petrol in the near future. The Philippines is on the verge of a boom in electric vehicles as local Banks appear unwilling to give up on the opportunity to expand the market.

The Asian development bank is understood to be willing to help expand the market for electric bikes and tricycles into the Manila electric vehicle industry. Since e-bikes/tricycles are rare in the Philippines at the moment, the Manila electric car company has built a prototype of an electric vehicle charging station and plans to cover the charging network across the country in the future.

The Asian development bank will provide a $300 million loan to the Manila electric car company to enable it to get 100,000 electric bikes/tricycles onto the streets by 2017. The original idea of this transportation mode change is really cool -- it will fully demonstrate the efficiency and environmental protection of electric vehicles. With the gradual implementation of this plan, in the future, we will obtain a number of data on the actual investment cost of e-bike network construction, which will provide more valuable references for other countries to carry out the "oil to electricity" reform.

As the main country of asean, Indonesia has been a major concern of China and other asean countries, not only because of its reputation as a country of thousand islands, but also because of its huge market with a population of 240 million. With a population of 240m people, Indonesia still has a low proportion of e-bikes, compared with the likes of China and India, and sales are expected to continue to increase. According to the association, the market size of electric bicycles in Indonesia will be more than 10 million in the future, which will provide more market opportunities for domestic and foreign enterprises. Therefore, in the face of such a large foreign market, some well-known domestic enterprises may be able to expand the market overseas to gradually solve the vicious competition caused by the continuous saturation of the domestic market. In addition, China's advanced environmental protection concept and electric vehicle manufacturing technology can also be spread abroad.

Dutch market analysis in Europe

According to the statistics of relevant departments, the Netherlands, as the country with the highest share of China's exports (16.39%), had a growth rate of 2.72% in the same period, and the Netherlands was not affected by the European debt crisis. Germany, in second place (13.07%), grew by -3.17% over the same period. Belgium and Brazil also saw negative growth in the top 10. The Netherlands is also known as the "country of bicycles" in Europe. It is very exquisite in material selection and appearance of electric bicycles with Germany and other developed European countries. At the same time, there are strict restrictions on the technical standards. The power of human must be less than 250 watts, and the maximum speed should be less than 25km/ h. And there are rapid iterations of the technology, whether it's batteries, power or the latest miniaturization

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