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Several differences between electric motor and electric motor
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Several differences between electric motor and electric motor

Electric vehicles are not far away and the power difference is related to the performance and quality of electric motors. Although the technology of electric vehicles in China is becoming mature at present, the performance of electric motors is different due to the difference of materials used by the electric machine factory. The following table is used to compare the motor.

Electric motor of electric vehicle, as one of the most core components, its performance directly affects the performance of the whole vehicle. There are obvious differences between general motor and high-quality motor, and the difference in material cost is also huge.

A. general motors:

1. Magnetic steel materials: low coercivity, easy to lose magnetism at high temperature;

2. Iron core material: high power consumption, easy heating of the motor, short cycling distance, burning out the motor;

3. Motor winding: low groove full rate, easy heating and loss power of the motor;

4. Magnetic ring: high carbon content, which affects magnetic steel performance, resulting in serious demagnetization;

5. Rim material: looking back on renewable aluminum, which is easy to be broken and has safety risks;

6. Motor hall: inferior hall, causing damage and affecting motor performance;

7. Motor end cover: the waterproof property is not in place, and the motor will be flooded due to cycling in rainy days;

8. Motor bearing: general market bearing, easy to loose, not waterproof;

9. Enameled wire: ordinary copper wire or even aluminum wire, with uneven wire diameter and low insulation grade;

10. Motor shaft: incomplete material processing control, high brittle and easy to break when hard, and soft and easy to bend when hard.

B. quality motor:

1. Magnetic steel materials: good thermal stability, no loss of magnetism at high temperature, strong magnetic force and high magnetic flux;

2. Iron core material: low power loss, low no-load current, not easy heating, high motor efficiency;

3. Motor winding: coil winding is close and flat, groove full rate is high, performance is stable, and magnetic force line torque is large;

4. Magnetic ring: carbon content shall be strictly controlled to ensure that magnetic steel will not be affected;

5. Rim material: standard die-cast aluminum, magnetic ring and rim do not fall off, resulting in safety hazard;

6. Motor hall: hall installs small plate protection circuit to effectively protect hall's stable and safe performance;

7. Motor end cover: high sensitivity, stable contact, and safety of the whole vehicle electrical system;

8. Motor bearing: choose high-load-bearing pressure bearing, with high wear resistance, non-loose frame and good sealing;

9. Enameled wire: standard copper wire, uniform resistance, good conductance, high temperature insulation paint treatment;

Motor shaft: perfect heat treatment process, moderate hardness, not easy to break or bend.






Of course, whether the motor is good or bad depends on whether it is good or bad in the end. The above things are the basic hardware configuration, and manufacturing technology is also an important factor affecting the motor's quality, so it can be identified from the work.

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