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Warm congratulations on xuzhou nanpu mechanical and electrical four
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Warm congratulations on xuzhou nanpu mechanical and electrical four - star after - sales service certification

Warm congratulations to xuzhou nanpu mechanical and electrical technology co., LTD., the product after-sales service certificate issued by Beijing haide international certification co., LTD.


It is a precondition for the survival and development of all enterprises to provide consumers with economic, practical, safe and reliable quality products. Although the production technology of the enterprise is more and more mature and the management level is more and more advanced, it is impossible for even the best enterprise to guarantee that the quality problem will never occur and cause customer complaints, and it is also impossible to avoid the impact of non-production processes, such as logistics, transportation and abnormal operation, on product quality. Therefore, for all enterprises, how to improve after-sales service management ability and service level while ensuring product quality is an important measure to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

According to the statistics of China consumers association, the quality of after-sales service has a great impact on sales volume and enterprise morale. Once the service problem is solved badly, it is directly related to the brand (reputation, credit) and benefit of the enterprise. According to research, returning customers account for 25% to 85% more profits than first-time visitors, and finding a new customer costs seven times as much as maintaining an old one. High quality service is an important way to build a brand. In today's homogenization of products, the competition of product price and quality is the "first competition", while the competition of service is the "second competition". We fully realize in the management practice that stable product quality and good after-sale service are the quality marks of famous brand products and famous brand enterprises, and are the important way to establish enterprise brand and spread enterprise image, which should also become the core competitiveness of enterprises! After-sales service culture is an important part of enterprise culture and the soul of the core value of enterprise brand. After-sales service is not simple maintenance equipment, door-to-door service and product knowledge publicity, but an effective way to spread corporate culture and promote innovative ideas to customers.

Service is endless, service creates new value. Obtaining service certification is believed to be just the beginning. South, one of us must maintain the advantage of the service, continuously improve the service system, practice the service promise, by the high quality service to perform the social responsibility of the enterprise, make broad consumer satisfied, in the national industry sets up the model for a long time, constantly promote the enterprise development, for the service industry development and economic construction of our country to make new contributions.

Our service concept is: fast, professional, meticulous, thoughtful. We keep this concept throughout our after-sales service work. Regardless of the hot sun, or storm, as long as the customer needs, no matter where you are, nanpu always at your side.

Do a good job in after-sales service.

We're serious!









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