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Technical specifications of disc brake rear axle
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Technical specifications of disc brake rear axle

The motor used in the rear axle of the disc brake is mainly composed of silicon steel, enameled wire, magnetic steel, disc kill film, bridge bag, etc., which is suitable for small cargo carrying and small 3-wheel sealing car. When the brake is applied, the brake block is pressed against the brake disc to produce braking effect. Disc brakes are sometimes called disc brakes. They are either ordinary disc brakes or ventilated disc brakes. The ventilated disc brake is to drill many circular vents on the disc surface, or cut vents or prefabricated rectangular vents on the end of the disc. Ventilated disc brake USES air currents, and its cooling and heating effect is better than ordinary disc brake. The main advantage of disc brake is that it can brake quickly at high speed. Using a metal block (disc) instead of a drum wheel, there is a flat brake shoe on both sides of the disc. When the oil pressure from the brake master pump is applied to the cylinder, the brake shoe is clamped to the disc to achieve the brake tightening effect.

At present, nanpu disc brake rear axle has developed from low-power model to high-power model, basically forming an all-around disc brake rear axle braking system in the aspects of integral, separate, large car and small car.

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