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What are the types of electric motor and what are the differences between them
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What are the types of electric motor and what are the differences between them? At present, electric motor is usually divided into three types: brushless high speed motor, brushless low speed motor and brush low speed motor. Follow the editor to learn more about it.

What are the types of electric motor for electric vehicles and what are the differences between them?

1. Brush motor with high speed. High motor efficiency, strong overloading climbing ability, high starting torque, the output power after decelerating through variable speed gear, noise.

2. Brushless low-speed motor. No reduction gear device, no maintenance, no noise advantages. However, the controller is complex, the starting current is high, and the overloading climbing ability is poor.

3. Brush low speed motor, no reducer gear device, simple structure, low cost, poor starting load capacity and high power consumption. Due to the high speed motor speed (3000rpm for high speed motor and 500rpm for low speed motor), it is necessary to output large torque power after deceleration through gear reducer, so the noise is relatively higher than that of low speed motor. The production process of high speed motor is more complex than low speed motor, and the cost is high. The price is about 200 yuan.

For the purpose of reducing cost, choose the low-speed motor more. When you buy an electric car, do not choose it wrong because the sound of the motor is too loud. High-speed motor car price should be in 2000 yuan of above, low-speed motor car price is in 2000 yuan the following, generally the user purchases should be more careful, don't cry because it is the motor no noise, no wear is good, the main indicators is the efficiency of machine and power performance, the biggest weakness of motor efficiency is low, low speed motor magnetic magnetic steel easy to fade, heavy weight, performance is poor, cycling, such as large power consumption.

Still want to remind finally, when buying electric car motor, had better choose well-known brand, can assure the quality of the product better so. Xuzhou nanpu electromechanical co., ltd. has been engaged in the production and sales of electric motor for more than ten years, and has its own brand and the certification of relevant departments. It has a high reputation in the industry

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