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Nanpu mechanical and electrical machinery attended China import and export commodities fair
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On October 15, 2016, our company attended the China import and export commodities fair (Canton fair) in guangzhou.

The Canton fair, the nickname for China's export commodities fair, was founded in 1957 and is held in guangzhou in spring and autumn every year for nearly half a century. The Canton fair is a platform for enterprise's international market development fund management and trade development information, as well as a grand gathering for enterprises to display their products.

In this exhibition, our company adopts the overall design of the booth and puts the electric motor drive series products in order. We are adhering to the concept of creating a green life for everyone, and manufacturing high-quality electric motor and rear axle drive equipment. They are nanpu dc motor, nanpu ac motor and nanpu switch magnetoresistive motor, which is known as "fighter in electric machine". Our products are excellent in quality and durable.

Our company's brushless dc motor mainly consists of silicon steel sheet, fixed rotor, enamelled wire, magnetic steel, hall, drive shaft, high-temperature wire and so on. The differential motor is applied to variable gears and common box, and can be applied to various working conditions such as mountain and plain.

We stick to the combination of production and research, and have developed several new types of motor since 2014, such as sinusoidal wave motor, switching magnetoresistive motor, alternating frequency motor and automatic transmission motor. In particular, the sinusoidal motor has initiated the reform of the new control mode in the field of electric tridynamics, and the sinusoidal control program motor will certainly lead the trend of The Times.





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