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Nanpu mechanical and electrical party member cadre team passion development activity first quarter
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On May 18, 2017, the publicity department of fengxian county party committee and the county federation of disabled persons held the launch ceremony of the 27th "national help-the-disabled day" activity at liubang square in fengxian county. This year's theme is "advancing disability prevention and achieving prosperity in health". In order to popularize the knowledge of disability prevention and rehabilitation, enhance the importance and understanding of the society on disability prevention, mobilize social caring people to participate in the work of disability prevention and rehabilitation services for the disabled, and create an equal, integrated, Shared and sunny social environment.


Fengxian county party committee secretary wang warmly visited the presence of the staff, all for secretary wang's arrival expressed warm welcome.


Helping the disabled is a fine traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, xuzhou nanpu mechanical and electrical machinery corresponding to the national call to actively carry out to help the disabled employment activities, nanpu mechanical and electrical recruitment office surrounded to come to the disabled candidates, the recruiter is answering every question employed.



The medical staff of the county hospital of traditional Chinese medicine provided free medical assistance activities for everyone on site, and encouraged everyone to join the medical team to contribute their share to help the disabled.


The disabled people in each booth to consult for their position, each of the staff in the job fair are warm and friendly reception everyone, the good social atmosphere of helping the disabled has been deeply imprinted in everyone's mind.


As a leader of the electric vehicle accessories industry, xuzhou nanpu mechanical and electrical machinery co., ltd. is duty-bound to go to the first front of supporting the disabled, welcoming and encouraging the disabled to join the family of nanpu and contribute their share to the peace and stability of the society.


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