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Product name:Switch reluctance motor

Update time:2018-9-6 15:24:49

product details

Technical specification of switched reluctance differential motor

Switch magnetoresistive motor is a new type of speed control motor. The speed control system has the advantages of both dc and ac speed control systems. It is the latest generation of stepless speed control system following frequency conversion speed control system and brushless dc motor speed control system. It has simple and solid structure, wide speed range, excellent speed performance, high efficiency and high system reliability throughout the speed range. It mainly consists of switched reluctance motor, power converter, controller and position detector. The controller contains the power converter and control circuit, while the rotor position detector is installed at one end of the motor. Switching magnetoresistive motor can change speed automatically, and it is equipped with computer self-check system. It has the advantages of small starting current, long life, heavy load, fast speed, small sliding resistance, long distance range and no damage to the motor. In addition, the motor itself has no magnetic steel, no effect of demagnetization.

Motor model: switch reluctance motor

Power: 1500 ~ 3000 w

Head speed: 8000~12000

Voltage: 48 ~ 72 v

Whoever ~ 10:1 ratio:









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